Today, employment opportunities in manufacturing are more challenging and rewarding than ever. A new type of manufacturing is emerging in the West Central Ohio region that includes high-tech equipment, teamwork, problem solving and regularly improving performance.

An excellent career with an advanced manufacturer involves getting the technical training endorsed through the West Central Ohio Manufacturing Consortium. In addition to the training, you need connections to these manufacturers to enhance your chances of employment.

There are three levels of certification in the WCOMC Advanced Manufacturing Pathway program. Students who complete any of these levels are guaranteed referrals for employment to members of the WCOMC. The three pathways include:

Basic Certification – Basic certification is an introduction to advanced manufacturing. This 40-hour course includes basic training in math, communication, teamwork, environmental-health-safety, manufacturing terminology and processes, quality and workplace skills. Persons with manufacturing experience have the opportunity to test out to earn Basic certification. Persons with no manufacturing experience may take the course and receive personalized attention to improve their basic skills and earn certification.

Intermediate Certification – Students receive hands-on technical training toward certification in areas such as CNC Machining, Programmable Logic Control, Robotics, Electrical, Process Operating, Welding & Fabrication, Environmental-Health-Safety, Quality, Multi-Craft Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Integrated Systems Technology or HVAC. This certification is available at Rhodes State College, Apollo Career Center or Ohio Hi Point.

Advanced Certification – Advanced certification is an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in one of several manufacturing-related fields.