"I'm writing to let you know that I have been employed at Whirlpool in Findlay, OH. I showed my certificate of Basic Manufacturing Pathways, and was gladly accepted. I want to thank you, and the great teacher(s). They currently have openings in Findlay and Marion, and in the future plan to size up their Ottawa plant as well. Just wanted to update you and thank you once more."

“Comfortable settings. Instructor was approachable and nice, aside from being good at what he does. I’m glad I took the course.”

“I thought it would change my life. I thought it would better my life and get me a better job. I’ve worked in manufacturing for 20 years. Through this class, I’ve seen the research side and the management side. It isn’t just the money. It’s working with the product. It’s working with the people. It’s making the best product and making it at the best price with the best people. I’ll give this class two thumbs up.”

“The knowledge I received in class was very insightful and will be extremely valuable. The teacher was well-spoken and informative. I honestly didn’t see any weak points. This class was great and informative. I will recommend it to everyone I meet.”

“Courses like this can be a real enhancement for an individual looking to upgrade or learn new skills. I appreciate this opportunity very much.”

“This program can be beneficial even for someone who has been in manufacturing, even on the owner-operator side of the business for 25 years.”

“Social, communication skills were enhanced. Team, leadership abilities were improved.”

“The most beneficial aspect of this training to me was improving my math and communication skills.”

“I attained more knowledge that I didn’t have about manufacturing that will benefit me. Learned some math in an easy way. I’m a little more comfortable in numbers now!”

“I am glad that the Manufacturing Consortium gave me the opportunity to improve my life.”